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Awesome sites, volume 1: Retro-Sanctuary

I’ve depended heavily on Retro-Sanctuary for their Top 100 game lists in getting prepped for this blog, which feature really interesting snippets describing each game. It’s also just really cool to read through thorough lists like this, particularly for genres/ systems that I didn’t get into or have a chance to play as a kid.

That site must be run by real aficionados!

For example, here’s the blurb for their #1 Sega Genesis game: Sonic 3:

Bigger and better than all those that came before it Sonic 3 heralded larger and more interesting levels that seamlessly joined on to each other, an improved co-op where Tails could actually do something useful, a proper running narrative, the ability to save, loads of set-pieces, completely re-designed graphics and more depth than ever with it’s different paths, it’s as though Sonic Team had really looked at their previous games and spent a long time improving on every aspect they felt lacking, quite simply one of the greatest games ever made, make sure you play it as intended with Sonic and Knuckles attached too.


Their list of top 100 lists is here: http://www.retro-sanctuary.com/Top%20Games%20Main.html Check them out. Do you have any favourite sites? Throw them into the comments!