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The RetroN 3 can suck an egg – PARTIALLY RETRACTED

Ok, so I started a post about how much I hate the Retron 3, but before I wrote the whole potato I decided to try a few other game/ NES controller combinations to see if it was entirely the hardware’s fault. It’s good that I did, because it turns out that at least part of the issue is the NES controller I was using – apparently it used to work, but doesn’t work well anymore/ doesn’t work well with the Retron 3/ past James somehow doesn’t even live up to even the low-bar of competency that we have set for him in relation to learning to plug things into other things.

At any rate, the damn thing is functional (I played 2 mins of Castlevania and Double Dragon II last night), though I still can’t get it working with Cobra Triangle, which, of course, was going to be the subject of my “first” post.

First world problems abound.

SO, even though the not-working is at least partially my fault, I’m going to leave the ‘go suck an egg’ video that I had planned on posting.

Enjoy 🙂

Original-post-that-I-edited-into-this-post here:


Sucking an egg is something that sucky things can go do, right?