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JJGames.com review: 1st order has arrived


This is official confirmation that www.jjgames.com is totally legit and awesome. My order took a little less than 2 weeks to arrive, which is not bad for US to Canada shipping, the games work, and were in the condition described on the website. Basically, what you see is what you get.


Also, through my extensive shopping cart testing I have discovered that the best value for the $15 basic Canadian shipping is to order 8 games (shipping price is based on weight). Past that shipping goes up to $23.

Anyhoo, most common games are <$10 and there’s a great selection – obviously, if you’re looking for a rare or popular game you’re going to pay more (NES Zelda is $26.56 right now), that’s more than I want to pay for a 25 year old game, but it’s still a great price imho. I’ve seen Zelda priced at >$50.

Overall I think JJGames is a much better option than eBay (seriously, have you seen some of the listings on eBay… some sellers are out of their freakin’ minds)

Note, this post isn’t sponsored in any way, it’s just confirmation that when I ordered from them, the games arrived. My review: the site is real.

But if JJ’s wanted to, say, give me a promo or affiliate code… I’d be totally into that 🙂