Don’t Starve has been running my life

As I sit here, not having written anything for this blog in almost a month, I feel like I’m not even the one who’s responsible. I’ve WANTED to write about things. I even have some super kick-ass ideas in the queue, and they’re going to be super kick-ass.

Anyway, that stuff will be here in the coming days. Let me bring you up to speed with Don’t Starve.

I’ve been playing this game almost non-stop (not quite as non-stop as my wife, but that’s a different post) because it’s really fun to play. Or maybe not fun? More like, addictive? Yeah, I’m going to go with addictive.

Don’t Starve really has scarcity down to a science. You always have to be working toward the next thing, because if you misallocate your time… BOOM you’re dead. Trust me, I know.

So anyway, I might venture into a thorough “thinking out loud” about this game in an upcoming post, but the reality is that I just died in a game the other day where I was 58 days in… I’m still heartbroken…


2 thoughts on “Don’t Starve has been running my life

  1. rocketbouchard

    The game wants you to think it was your fault. Much like Candy Crush, I think Don’t Starve is using some very tricky AI to detect just when to fuck you. Likewise though, when you get fucked, the next world is kind.

    1. forsoothed Post author

      I haven’t felt like the game has done any tricky AI to me yet, I think it’s been pretty fair given the types of the world. Has it boned you good?

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