Super Metroid – SNES – Part II

I started playing Super Metroid a while ago, which is awesome, and decided that because I have basically 0 first-hand knowledge of this particular game or the series in general, I would do some live-blogging. At least until I get bored of doing it (or you get bored of reading it).

So, where we left off.

I had just finished the (pretty amazing) intro sequences and started encountering enemies (which I was exterminating with extreme prejudice).

And immediately, hilarity ensues.

I found the morph ball and procured some missiles, then started to head out. This was wrong, BECAUSE when I get almost back to my ship I see a little spot where I can only go if I go into morphball (MBM) mode. I do this and BOOM, I’m stuck in a cavern I can’t get out of.

Much Googling of the Googlez revealz that past the MB there was another path for me to follow where I would get freakin’ bombs!

I return to the caverns.

AND DISCOVER THAT THERE ARE NO BOMBS. Are the missles supposed to be bombs? Emulator bug? Weird.


The problem is that I didn’t know it took 5 missiles to bust open a pink door. You see, dear reader, you shoot a door to open it. I figured that out pretty fast, but that only seemed to work on BLUE doors. Not sure how I was supposed to figure out that it takes 5 missiles to blast a PINK door open…


That’s probably enough futility for one night. This blog is rapidly becoming FORSOOTHED IS BAD AND HE SHOULD FEEL BAD.


Next time: I see if I can get out of this hilarious pit of despair.


4 thoughts on “Super Metroid – SNES – Part II

  1. lagoan

    I think the tutorial is very low key, similar to what was presented in the Sequilitis video embedded in one of your previous posts ( The doors are color coded to be opened by items of the same color. Red doors are opened with red missiles. Without spoiling too much, you will find doors of other colours that are opened with similarly coloured items. There are a lot of subtle details on Super Metroid that suggest how to advance in the game ( not all are color coded 😉 ). It is great to read about your first experience with the series !

    1. forsoothed Post author

      Wow that makes loads of sense, thanks man!

      As a side note, learning is SO important in these games because there was no internet to rely on (no external source of info). Your user won’t know how to get past the red doors unless you show them or they happen to figure it out. Tremendous gameplay implications!

  2. rocketbouchard

    Hmmmm. Interesting. Did forsoothed get to a place where he shouldn’t have? Like before he got the pink rockets? Or was he really expected to shoot the door 5 times (in frustration) to accidentally figure that out?

    1. forsoothed Post author

      I did get myself into a spot that I wasn’t supposed to be in before I got the morph bombs. As such, I was definitely supposed to do the door thing… that’s why I was so confused by it! I mean, I shot the thing with my gun, but it would’ve NEVER occurred to me to use the missiles for that. I’m a hoarder man, those things might be useful for a boss fight or something, I’m not going to waste them on a door! What if they never drop again!

      Now, after learning that they open doors, I ALSO learned that when you’re out of missiles, they drop like candy (or at least they did in that area). Knowing that, I’ll be blasting every freakin’ locked door with missiles.

      That’s why I thought it might be a learned behaviour from an earlier incarnation of the game. Jumping in without that background, it’s actually not a great experience. This is the kind of stuff that drove me BONKERS as a kid and led to many thrown controllers… HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS PIT!!!!!!!

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