Super Metroid – SNES

I’m going to play the heck outta Super Metroid for a few minutes and live-blog it

Stupid idea? Sure. Boring as heck? Maybe. Am I going to do it? Yes.

This game starts out in a very cool way, bringing the player (that would be me) up to speed on Seamus’ previous adventures. Since I skipped straight to Super Metroid, this is pretty helpful.

Turns out that these Metroid things are the enemy and crazy dangerous. I’m guessing if left uncontrolled, they’ll spread across the universe. Think the Reapers in Mass Effect… or Tribbles

Anyway, I’m updating this post as I’m playing, and I’m about 5 minutes in and haven’t really faced an enemy yet (aside from a mini-boss? or maybe the actual end-boss who stole the sole remaining Tribbl… I mean Metroid). Now I’m on Planet Ceres exploring. I didn’t think this game would include exploring.

This all sounds a bit boring, but it’s actually more than a little spooky. The sound effects are ominous and there seem to be explosions (or something) in the background. And for what they’re worth, the 16 bit graphics are doing their best to freak me out.


See? That’s some seriously ominous atmosphere there folks.

I’m not super happy about having to hold the right trigger to shoot straight ahead… but we’ll see how that plays out.

Oh yeah, there’s also already been a number of doors I couldn’t enter and a bunch of spots that I’ll have to get the ball-thingy upgrade to go into. I’m not sure if that’s frustrating or bad-ass… Like, let me get into the game before I know I’m going to have to make my way back.

Wow, and BOOM there’s the ball-thingy (apparently it’s ACTUALLY called a Morphing Ball). PHHT 🙂


And then BOOM MISSLES!?! Have I mentioned that I haven’t actually FOUGHT anything yet? I’m getting a bad feeling about this…

Ah, there they are! Suckas tried to ambush me BUT I’M READY FOR YOU – PEW PEW PEW!

Oh, before I forget, I wrote a little bit about my history with Metroid a few posts ago. Basically, I have no history with Metroid.


5 thoughts on “Super Metroid – SNES

  1. rocketbouchard

    Always leaving us wanting more. What HAPPENED NEXT!!!? I’m still interested to know if getting balls and missiles (;) without really doing anything was a good thing or not.

    1. forsoothed Post author

      I DONT KNOW YET! Being a ball was useful right away to roll under things, but you only get 5 missiles to start so I’m definitely saving those for an inevitable boss-fight.

      1. rocketbouchard

        Ok. cool. I await the followup post. My son is currently snuggled into my armpit. No big deal. Just two dudes hanging out. One in the other’s armpit.

      2. forsoothed Post author

        Yeah, I’m going to try to be better about the follow-ups. I’m too easily distracted.

        And good job keeping him in your arm pit. You have to watch those babies, they’re tricky.

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