Super Mario RPG – SNES

Just what is this game?

This is another game that I’ve only heard about and never played. And while the idea of a Mario RPG is intriguing, I’m curious as to whether or not the character has the depth to pull it off. Like, dude is a plumber who’s been squishing oompa-loompas (I know I know, they’re Koopas) what happens when I customize his characteristics? Does he jump higher, squish… faster?

Since this is a little bit of a different approach (normally I’m talking about games that I’ve at least spent a few minutes with), I wanted to cheat and do a bit of pre-research to set the stage for myself.

From Wikipedia

  • Released in 1996
  • The final Mario game released for the SNES
    • One of the final games released for the SNES overall
  • The main villan is Smithy???


I’m not afraid of a videogame villan called Smithy. I’m gonna wrap this game in 5 minutes.



2 thoughts on “Super Mario RPG – SNES

  1. The Otaku Judge

    I hear the game is very good. Back in the day I was gutted when I learned that it wasn’t coming to Europe.

  2. rocketbouchard

    Smithy has an Emma-esque underbite working against him also. He looks like he should probably hit the gym a bit too. Trapezoidal? I guess that’s a shape.

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