Did you ever play Colecovision?

I sure as heck did.

For some reason, my family wasn’t into Atari so Coleco was my introduction to videogames. We had a pile of cartridges, I don’t recall many names except for Zaxxon and Ladybug. My mom freakin’ LOVED Ladybug – it was basically a Pac Man clone and there was something about collecting letters to spell “LADYBUG”. Don’t remember what that did, though it was probably awesome!

BOOM, Zaxxon!

And here’s a playthrough of Ladybug with no commentary!

I don’t remember a ton of detail about games (though I remember the ADAM computer add-on and the fact that MY BROTHER HAD IT AND IT RAN ON CASSETTE TAPES… SO AWESOME), except for their simplicity, in terms of intro playability, and complete and utter soul-crushing difficulty. I don’t remember passing the 1st level of Zaxxon… it’s possible I never did…


4 thoughts on “Did you ever play Colecovision?

  1. The Otaku Judge

    My dad had an Atari, but I have never played on a Coleco. The first home computers I used were a Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC 464, which both used tapes. My the loading times were long.

    1. forsoothed Post author

      I remember Atari’s being WAY more popular and wondering why we had the one no one had ever heard of 🙂

      I didn’t realize that tape drives were that common… Geez, what DO I know???

  2. rocketbouchard

    I had a friend with one. The only game I remember was Smurfs which is fbomb hard. Could never jump over that skull.

    1. forsoothed Post author

      Crap, I forgot about the skull! Now that I think of it I remember a period of time when I thought that, because it was impossible to jump over, it was the end of the game.

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