Decided to not just write about retro games

Dear reader, as you can tell I haven’t written anything on this blog in… oh… 2 months. This hasn’t been because I haven’t been playing any games. I have, though not enough. I just haven’t felt like playing any retro games, which was the original point of this blog.

So, in the interest of expanding my publishing (and seriously, excuses for playing videogames) I’m going to start writing more about my gaming experiences in general.

First off, it seems like Steam sales are addictive in a really insidious way: like, $10 for Arkham Origins when I haven’t played Arkham Asylum or Arkham City (from previous Steam sales)? Definitely! Get in my pocket…

I want to think about that one a bit more.


3 thoughts on “Decided to not just write about retro games

  1. The Otaku Judge

    Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are excellent. I hear Origins ain’t that hot though. A different studio made it and the consensus seems to be that it was a cash grab stalling for time until Rocksteady finish making the next “real” Batman game.

    1. forsoothed Post author

      Ah, was wondering about that with the next one being the 3rd Rocksteady game. I’m REALLY enjoying Arkham Asylum even though the 3rd person perspective is normally enough to drive me away.

      (sorry for the late reply I’ve been getting spam comments flooding my inbox).

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