Afterburner – Sega Master System – Pre game

This game was the great white buffalo of my childhood. I only ever got to play it a few times and because I grew up in a small town, the rental options were… slim.

Basically, little Forsoothed loved this game so much, but never had much of a chance to play it.

Thus, I don’t remember much about it: barrel rolls by executing a quick L-R (maybe); getting shot down ALL the time; and AIRCRAFT CARRIER LANDING. I don’t know if that last one was a reality, but I sure hope it is.

AH! I also just remembered that I came across this game at about the same time as that F14 Tom Cruise movie… he was Maverick… Anthony Edwards dies (I know I know, spoilers)… WHY CAN’T I REMEMBER THE NAME!?!


Oh man, F14’s were the bad ass-est things ever. Did you know, the Tomcat was retired in 2006?

*single tear*

Fly on you badass, fly on!


2 thoughts on “Afterburner – Sega Master System – Pre game

  1. rocketbouchard

    I am renewing my call here for more “post-game-posts”. I mostly played this in the arcade and remember that it was “hard as fuck” (whatever that means), and that the master system games had all of the difficulty and none of the beauty. I’m interest to see (IN YOUR UPCOMING POST-GAME-POST) what you think of it.

    PS: that wings video is all I want to watch right now.

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