Blades of Steel or Ice Hockey… I don’t remember – NES – Pre Game

Blades of Steel vs. Ice Hockey

Which game is the one where you choose your team out of big guys who were slow but could hit and skinny guys who were fast but would totally get creamed; and which game is the one that sucks?

Blades of Steel

Ice Hockey

Based on the covers, Ice Hockey looks to be the lame-o here.

I remember playing the good one (I’m thinking Blades of Steel) at my cousin’s house along with Mario 2 (or maybe 3).

I’ll report back.


9 thoughts on “Blades of Steel or Ice Hockey… I don’t remember – NES – Pre Game

  1. rocketbouchard

    I can help with this. Ice Hockey had the big/little guys. Don’t forget the all-important medium guys! The best part of Blades of Steel is the opening screen where it says “Blades of Steel” in an awesome voice. AND the fighting. If I recall, the actual hockey in Ice Hockey was way better. I’m interested to hear your “thoughts”

    1. forsoothed Post author

      I know! Man was I upside down on all that… I’ve played each a bit already and frankly, they’re hard to get into. Such a massive difference from even NHL 94…

      1. rocketbouchard

        Word. Some games have an undeniable appeal (see Super Mario Bros. et al.), but others were just poor abstractions. Now we have much better abstractions. Also, I promise you it’s worth spending a week on the new NHL controls.

      2. forsoothed Post author

        Whatever Matt. You and your smart replies 🙂

        Side note: I’ve been spending time on the new controls and I’m getting better… slowly… though I find I just want to get back to whupping the CPU 10-0, not grinding out a win 4-3 in OT. Maybe I just like hockey on easy mode? 🙂

      3. rocketbouchard

        Totally fair, dude. I REALLY like whooping the computer 10-0, so I promise that you can get there. Maybe adjust the sliders? Definitely turn off adaptive AI. Turn up your shot and turn down their goalie. Voila!

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