This is one of the defining games of my childhood… for some reason

I remember playing a lot of this game as a kid, but I don’t actually remember much about it or really remember liking it that much. It’s strange that I remember anything about it, come to think of it.

There’s definitely a boat, and I remember jumping stuff using powered platforms or something. Maybe there were weapons that I probably had to pick up??? There may have been puzzles and random things shooting at me because I remember dying all the time and I don’t think there was a save feature (did ANYTHING have saves* back then???).


In fact, the only thing that I clearly remember about Cobra Triangle is that each level has a timer labeled ‘secs’. And why do I remember such a weird detail, you may ask? Well, asky-pants, I remember because one time my old friend Neil once tricked me into yelling “SECS” with my mom just just outside my room.

OK, if you don’t get why that’s funny, say ‘secs’ out loud to yourself… and pretend you’re like… 10.

I bought Cobra Triangle a long time ago (probably years ago) when I first got my NES-as-a-grownup and never got around to playing it because: a) I’m kinda lame, and b) I don’t spend enough time playing games!

What others say… er… said…

IGN gives Cobra Triangle a 7.4, Good, rating and says it was released in 1989. They also rated it 66th on their top 100 NES games of all time. Cool.

* hilariously, my phone originally autocorrected ‘saves’ to ‘sadness’. Touché autocorrect, touché

PS – I wrote this pre game whilst doing fishing dailies in WoW. For the record, the Dojani Eel and Wolf Piranha quests can just go shut the hell up with each other.

Next up, the GAME GAME coming soon.


7 thoughts on “COBRA TRIANGLE – NES – Pre Game

      1. Jon Stanbridge

        I feel like I’ve somehow let… someone, I guess… down by forgetting the password to get to Tyson (or Mr. Dream, if I’m remembering that right). It’s something I feel one should remember for some amount of nerd cred.

      2. forsoothed Post author

        I don’t even remember Punchout having passwords… geez I’m old 🙂

        And you don’t have to worry about NES nerd-cred. You’re the guy who GIVES OUT the NES nerd-cred. This is meant to be a compliment, btw 🙂

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